Rahul P.

Rahul P.

LocationSan Francisco, CA
Member SinceMarch, 2009

Preferred Subjects

Algebra Calculus
General COMP CO... Computer Progra...
Math Geometry
Pre-Calculus SAT Math
Hourly Rate$15/hour
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About Rahul
Member Since:March, 2009
Preferred Subjects:Algebra, Calculus, General COMP COMP 1000, Computer Programming, Math, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, SAT Math, Statistics, Trigonometry, General Science, Physics, English (Writing), GRE, SAT, Computer Skills
Education:Educational Qualifications
Auburn University- Computer Science & Software Engineering(Graduate), Minors in Human Computer Interaction, Graduation date- 2011

RGPV University - Electronics & Communication(Undergraduate) degree- Bachelor of Engineering, Graduation date- August 2007
Experience:Tutoring Experience- Grader and assistant in college, June-2007- Jan-2008

Teaching Assistant- Auburn University, Mathematics Department

Teaching Assistant- Auburn University, Computer Science Department.

Relevant Classes- Maths(High level),physics, Computer courses like Computer Programming, Data structures, Data communication , networking etc
Hobbies:Hobbies/Interest- Sports and music. sports - American Football soccer, volleyball, racquetball, tennis ,basketball. Interest in Music ,musical instruments. like Surfing too.
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